One Year Later

Soooo-… Hello!

Here’s the thing, last June I originally intended to only take a little step back from everything book-related, but that resulted in more or less disappearing for an entire year. I wish I could say I did something meaningful and productive in that year, like working on my writing, or saving the world from vampires, but mostly I just fed my gaming addiction.

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But I’m back! The love of books never completely left me, you could say it was dormant and awaiting its reawakening. My thoughts on social media and the likes remain the same (Twitter is still a cesspool, dear lawd), but my motivation has sparked to new life – I want to read and review more than ever while interacting with those I’ve missed in the community. I’ll be doing things a little differently this time around, and for the moment won’t be accepting review requests, however over time I’ll be working through my previous list, I’ve not forgotten about them!

During my break I received quite a lot of messages regarding requests and I thank those that reached out, but if and when I decide to accept new slots I’ll state such here and here. For now, I just want to focus primarily on my own shelves and purchases.

2020 has been quite the ordeal, and things may not be the best right now, but I hope everyone’s keeping safe. All we can do is be decent human beings in worrisome times like these.

Anywho, thanks for reading! Reviews are coming soon.

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