Review Info & Requests

I’m no longer accepting review requests for 2019.


My reviews follow the basic 5-star rating system: 

0 Star – I don’t rate books I don’t finish. Simply, it wasn’t for me and I decided to give up on it. Dishing out a rating would be unfair of me.
1 Star – I didn’t like it at all and I found no redeeming qualities. I likely won’t continue with the series, if it has one, but that doesn’t mean I’ll never read anything by the author again.
2 Star – I found some good qualities; perhaps I liked a character or two, or something regarding the plot, but unfortunately I found the good weighed down too much by the bad. I probably will continue with the series in hopes it’d improve.
3 Star – The good and bad were balanced out to make it an average read. I didn’t dislike it, but I didn’t totally love it either. I’m very optimistic about further works in the series.
4 Star – I really liked it. It could’ve been perfect for me, if not for some aspects I found lacking, or simply some minor things that bothered me. All in all, however, I’m very pleased.
5 Star – I absolutely loved it and thought it the best of its genre. Whatever little things that may have bothered me were forgotten because I’m in awe. Truly amazing work. (Be mindful that my tastes evolve over the years, thus my thoughts may change on books I’ve previously rated five stars. Nevertheless, they will remain top rated because of how I felt about them at the time of the original read-through.)


Some other points:

– All opinions are my own.
– My reviews tend to be long and wordy. No regrets.
– I post my reviews to this blog, Goodreads, and Amazon. I also tweet about what I’m reading.
– I don’t follow a set schedule – I post whenever  I feel like it.
– Only full length novels or anthologies can receive five stars, even if I happen to love a single short story.
– It can take me a while to get through a book. I don’t read a book a day or anything like that. I take my time and it may take a long while.
– I don’t include gifs in my reviews. I don’t have anything against them, but it’s just not for me. I prefer expressing how I feel completely through words.
– I always put a spoiler warning at the beginning of my reviews, this is because I like to go into a lot of detail about specific things I did or didn’t like. Read more about my spoiler warnings here.


Genres I currently accept:

Due to my present interest in the genre, I only accept horror at this time.

Thanks for reading!

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