October Reads: Oh, the Horror with Glenn Rolfe

Most of us horror readers have huge TBR piles. If you’re like me, Halloween season (or October as it’s known to the world), you try to select specific books you want to fit in to this glorious 31 days. Over the last decade, I’ve read Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot (my favoritest book ever) 4 times during Halloween season. I plan on making this year the fifth, but it’s the 19th (as I write this) and I haven’t cracked the cover yet.

That’s how it goes, right? You make a list, probably sprinkling in classics (Dracula, Frankenstein) or modern classics by King or Laymon, but the problem is, there are too many good new books! And it truly is a wonderful problem to have.

In the last 8 weeks, we’ve had new releases from Jonathan Janz, Hunter Shea, John Everson, The Sisters of Slaughter, Tim Waggoner, Matt Hayward, Kevin Lucia, Bryan Smith, Owl Goingback, James Newman & Adam Howe, Chad Lutzke & John Boden, Russell James, and some GetRolfed guy. I’m sure there’s a ton more that I’m missing, but you get the picture. It’s freaking hard!

How do I fit in these new reads, plus the list of books I worked really hard to pick out for my Halloween season reads? You can’t. It can’t be done. So, just take it as it comes. Read whatever is really pulling at you (unless you have reviews due for blogs and publishers).

So far, I’ve read TWIN LAKES: AUTUMN FIRES by Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason aka the Sisters of Slaughter (great book!), OUT BEHIND THE BARN by Chad Lutzke & John Boden (another great book!), and an interesting collection (with a few amazing stories) by John F.D. Taft, LITTLE BLACK SPOTS. I’m working my way through several others, as well. My 3rd reading of Ronald Malfi’s THE NARROWS, and the aforementioned new ones from Matt Hayward (THE FAITHFUL) and Kevin Lucia (THINGS YOU NEED).

I’m still hopeful to sneak in Bryan Smith’s HALLOWEEN BRIDE and my King book, but we’ll see.

It’s a great month and a good time for horror novels new and old. Oh, and there’s new horror movies out! HALLOWEEN anybody? Have fun, revel in your dark side, watch your scary movies, read your scary books, and feel free to wear your costume every day.

Here are some of my suggested Halloween season reads:



THE HALLOWEEN MAN by Douglas Clegg

DARK HARVEST by Norman Partridge

 ‘SALEM’S LOT and/or PET SEMATARY by Stephen King

THE NARROWS by Ronald Malfi

 And if you want to check out some of my books, like my brand-new, coming of age/possession novel, THE WINDOW, I wouldn’t mind at all. Grab a copy here.

Have a great Halloween!!!!

Glenn Rolfe is an author, singer, songwriter from the haunted woods of New England. He studied Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University, and continues his education in the world of horror by devouring the novels of Stephen King, Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, and many others. He and his wife, Meghan, have three children, Ruby, Ramona, and Axl. He is grateful to be loved despite his weirdness.

He is the author of Becoming, Blood and Rain, The Haunted Halls, Chasing Ghosts, Boom Town, Abram’s Bridge, Things We Fear, Land of Bones, The Window, Out of Range, and Slush.

Newest Work: The Window 

Book Buy Links: Amazon 

What kind of demons await you tonight?

For Richie, life's constant cheap shots are adding up. When he finds something is watching him, he never dreamed that it would show him everything that he ever wanted.

When his son, James, comes to stay for the last month of summer, the changes in his father's behavior come to the forefront. What is his father doing staring into the window in the middle of the night?
Was the fiery spark in the dark real? Or is James' imagination getting the best of him?

Summer's almost over.
And life is about to change.
Will the son be able to save the father? Or is it already too late?

The Window holds the answers...and the key.

One Comment on “October Reads: Oh, the Horror with Glenn Rolfe

  1. Glenn – I set up my ‘Salem’s Lot read along on Twitter for September and October because I’ve always wanted to finally read this book. I’m on page 43. LOL!! You’re right…best intentions. I think we should take Halloween reading into November…what do you say? Read ‘Salem’s with me? 😉


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