Tag: indie horror

Call Drops by John F. Leonard

Vincent Preece’s treasure is other peoples’ junk. Rooting around second-hand shops is his top hobby, yet times have changed over the years. Things have become too clean, too orderly, without that original layer of grease. Still, car boot sales still manage to get it right. and Vincent lands the jackpot when he discovers an old mobile phone, one that doesn’t seem normal. Soon enough, a call comes through, and his life will never be the same.

Everglade by Missing Woman Films (Short Film)

Everglade is the impressive debut project by the newly established indie production house, Missing Woman Films. It’s apparent that they want their work to focus solely on female characters, and present them in all their wondrous complexity.

Hottest Horror Books of the Summer

It all started with one woman’s (justifiable) disgust, and ended in something beautiful.