Tag: extreme horror

Sacrament by Steve Stred

The doorway is nearly open, the Black Heavens await. Closer to his goal than ever before, Father begins to alter his physical form so that he’s able to take his place beside the cosmic gods. The only one with plans to stop him is… Continue Reading “Sacrament by Steve Stred”

The Slob by Aron Beauregard

Cleanliness is important for Vera. Raised in filth, she now puts her skills to use by selling the Bissell SC (self-contained) 1632 model, the vacuum of her dreams. The money rolls in, the future for her family looking brighter and brighter until she comes face… Continue Reading “The Slob by Aron Beauregard”

Dead Inside by Chandler Morrison

A hospital security guard meets a maternity doctor with a deadness to her gaze, both of them soon discovering each other’s unusual appetites. Instead of rejection, they celebrate being different the only way they know how, by giving in to their abhorrent and gruesome… Continue Reading “Dead Inside by Chandler Morrison”