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Saltblood by T.C. Parker

Without even knowing she broke the law, Robin is sent to Salt Rock, a new form of prison for those that get on the bad side of public opinion. It’s not long before her stay threatens her life, the disappearances of several other prisoners… Continue Reading “Saltblood by T.C. Parker”

Dear Laura by Gemma Amor

Pain both mental and physical awaits Laura when, on every birthday, she receives a letter from a stranger that claims to know about the friend that disappeared when she was a young teen. As time goes on, the demands get more and more extreme,… Continue Reading “Dear Laura by Gemma Amor”

The Fisherman by John Langan

After losing loved ones, two men seek solace and find it in fishing together. When rumours of a mysterious creek reach them, they agree to check it out, but are soon confronted with a disturbing tale that involves the arcane, people coming back from… Continue Reading “The Fisherman by John Langan”