Preta’s Realm: The Haunting by J. Thorn

When certain people in his life start disappearing, Drew Green struggles to keep his mind and family intact. Something whispers to him at night; a voice of a person no longer living. It tells him of a time long past, and a curse set to haunt the bloodline. As events eventually spin out of control, Drew finds himself at the mercy of a creature that should only reside within nightmares.

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Spoiler Warnings

I’ve always been paranoid about ruining someone’s experience of a book by spoiling a certain aspect of the story – it’s why I started putting warnings at the beginning of every single one of my reviews.


Even if I didn’t include sensitive information regarding the plot, I continued to add the bold text, more than likely scaring off a number of potential readers.

Why not change my review format, you ask? You know, not include spoilers?

There’s a simple answer, one I think more reviewers should remember when questioning their own work. How I write my reviews brings me joy; they suit my personal taste, it’s how I want to do it. I often see people trying to adhere to what other people want – do / don’t include a plot summary or full-out, scene by scene synopsis, do / don’t add your own personal thoughts, do / don’t comment on the form of writing, the list goes on. It shouldn’t matter, what matters is if reviewing’s your hobby, then write as you damn well please.

Anyway, I digress! This post is a means for me to announce the change in how I present my spoiler warnings. From now on, it will state if there’s MINOR or MAJOR spoilers. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while, for my own peace of mind.

MINOR: General details of the plot and characters, however nothing tremendously significant.

MAJOR: Details of plot twists, the ending, or important character revelations.

Hopefully this works a little better in the long run!

That’s it, I guess.

Have a GREAT day!

Red xx

Darkest Hours by Mike Thorn

With monsters that hunger for flesh, ghosts that lie in wait, and brutality at the hands of humanity – this collection certainly has it all. Delving into the satirical, chilling and downright disgusting, this is a must read for those that like a bit of horror in their lives.

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