Category: Horror Book Reviews

Black Ambrosia by Elizabeth Engstrom

Angelina Watson yearns for freedom, so with the passing of her mother, decides to leave home for good. The road proves to be a dangerous place, yet she’s not alone, a voice only she can hear driving her to kill. But it’s not hatred… Continue Reading “Black Ambrosia by Elizabeth Engstrom”

The Rotting Within by Matt Kurtz

The Sunrise Bed & Breakfast offers sanctuary for Kenzie and her children, but the secluded inn harbours more than she bargained for. Told never to venture to the third floor where two women have took up permanent residence, the single rule is hard to… Continue Reading “The Rotting Within by Matt Kurtz”

Bunny by Mona Awad

Samantha has writer’s block, which doesn’t help with the selective MFA program she was lucky enough to get into. Struggling and repulsed by her classmates, she finds herself in an awkward situation when invited to their “Smut Salon”, yet against the warning from her… Continue Reading “Bunny by Mona Awad”