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Mostly horror, with some thriller, fantasy and science fiction sprinkled in.


Astrid Addams
The Haunting of Hope House (1★)
Zombie Santa Claus: Santa Jaws Edition (3★)

Ania Ahlborn
The Devil Crept In (4★)

Courtney Alameda
Shutter (3★)

Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi
Breathe. Breathe. (4★)

Gemma Amor
White Pines (3★)

Zachary Ashford
When The Cicadas Stop Singing (5★)

Dathan Auerbach
Penpal (4★)

Mona Awad
Bunny (4★)


Agustina Bazterrica
Tender is the Flesh (4★)

Donald J. Bingle
Familiar Spirits (Anthology, 4★)


Ramsey Campbell
Think Yourself Lucky (2★)
Thirteen Days by Sunset Beach (3★)

Christa Carmen
Something Borrowed, Something Blood-Soaked (4★)

Catherine Cavendish
Wrath of the Ancients (#1 Nemesis of the Gods, 3★)
The Haunting of Henderson Close (3★)

Clay McLeod Chapman
Whisper Down the Lane (3★)

R.J. Clark
The Rift (4★)

Michaelbrent Collings
Terminal (4★)

Nancy A. Collins
Wild Blood (2★)

Amy Cross
Stephen (3★)

Nicole Cushing
Children of No One (4★)
The Sadist’s Bible (4★)


Eva Darrows
The Awesome (3★)

Calvin Demmer
The Sea Was a Fair Master (4★)

Simon Dewar
Suspended in Dusk II (4★)

Tananarive Due 
The Between (4★)

Mike Duke
Amalgam (2★)

Katherine Dunn
Geek Love (5★)


Mark Edwards 
The Devil’s Work (3★)

Stephanie Ellis
Daughters of Darkness II (Anthology, 4★)

John Everson
The House by the Cemetery (3★)
Violet Eyes (3★)


John C. Foster
The Isle (3★)


Darren Gallagher
Abyss (3★)

D.W. Gillespie
The Toy Thief (2★)

Sara Gran
Come Closer (3★)

Mira Grant
Into the Drowning Deep (3★)


Sam Haysom
The Moor (4★)

Alexis Henderson
The Year of the Witching (3★)

Kevis Hendrickson
Inquest (#1 Rogue Hunter, 4★)
Dark Space (#2 Rogue Hunter, 4★)

Grady Hendrix
My Best Friend’s Exorcism (4★)

Christina Henry
The Ghost Tree (4★)

James Herbert
The Magic Cottage (5★)

Michael Patrick Hicks
The Resurrectionists (#1 Salem Hawley, 5★)
Borne of the Deep (#2 Salem Hawley, 5★)
Broken Shells (4★)

Laurel Hightower
Whispers in the Dark (4★)

Joe Hill
NOS4R2 (5★)

Sibel Hodge
Look Behind You (2★)

C.V. Hunt
Cockblock (3★)

John Hunt 
The Tracker (3★)

Dot Hutchison
The Butterfly Garden (4★)



Kenzie Jennings
Reception (4★)

Jonathan Janz
The Dark Game (4★)
The Nightmare Girl (4★)
Savage Species (3★)
The Siren and The Specter (2★)
The Sorrows (3★)

Kirk Jones
Aetherchrist (1★)


Grace K
Twisted Anatomy (Anthology, 4★)

Brian Keene
A Gathering of Crows (#1 Levi Stoltzfus, 3★)

Kevin J. Kennedy
Screechers (& Christina Bergling, 3★)

Caroline Kepnes
Providence (4★)

Jack Ketchum
The Girl Next Door (5★)

Cassandra Khaw
Hammers on Bone (#1 Persons Non Grata, 4★)

Stephen King
Carrie (4★)
Needful Things (4★)

Brian Kirk
Will Haunt You (3★)

Gwendolyn Kiste
The Rust Maidens (5★)

Samantha Kolesnik
True Crime (2★)

Matt Kurtz
Kinfolk (4★)

Nicole Givens Kurtz
Slay: Stories of the Vampire Noire (Anthology, 4★)


Curtis M. Lawson
The Devoured (4★)

Beverley Lee
The House of Little Bones (3★)

John F. Leonard
Call Drops (4★)
Doggem (3★)

Evans Light
Doorbells at Dusk (Anthology, 4★)

Alison Littlewood
The Hidden People (2★)


Lily Markova
Immortown (4★)

Josef Matulich
Camp Arcanum (2★)

Sean McDonough
The Thirteen Black Cats of Edith Penn (5★)

Jennifer McMahon
The Winter People (3★)

Clare McNally
Somebody Come and Play (3★)

Renee Miller
Cats Like Cream (4★)
Stranded (3★)

Chandler Morrison
Dead Inside (3★)


Adam Nevill
The Ritual (4★)

James Newman
Midnight Rain (4★)
Ride or Die (4★)


Jon O’Bergh
The Shatter Point (3★)

Seán O’Connor
The Mongrel (3★)
Weeping Season (4★)


Jason Parent
What Hides Within (#1 What Hides Within, 4★)
Victoria (#2 What Hides Within, 3★)

Elaine Pascale
The Blood Lights (3★)

Michelle Paver
Dark Matter (5★)

Hailey Piper
Benny Rose, the Cannibal King (4★)

Kit Power
Splatterpunk Fighting Back (Anthology, 4★)



Duncan Ralston
Woom (4★)

Gina Ranalli
House of Fallen Trees (2★)

Graeme Reynolds
Moonstruck (#2 High Moor Trilogy, 5★)
Blood Moon (#3 High Moor Trilogy, 5★)

Glenn Rolfe
The Window (3★)


Hunter Shea
Creature (4★)

Alexander Gordon Smith
Lockdown (#1 Escape from Furnace, 3★)
Solitary (#2 Escape from Furnace, 3★)

David Sodergren
The Forgotten Island (4★)
Night Shoot (4★)

Chris Sorensen
The Nightmare Room (#1 The Messy Man, 3★)

Steve Stred
Ritual (#1 Father of Lies, 4★)
Communion (#2 Father of Lies, 4★)

Duncan Swan
Monstre: Volume One (4★)

Morgan Sylvia
Abode (3★)


John F.D. Taff
Little Black Spots (4★)

Scott Thomas
Kill Creek (4★)

J. Thorn
Preta’s Realm: The Haunting (#1 The Hidden Evil, 2★)

Mike Thorn 
Darkest Hours (3★)

Paul Tremblay
Disappearance at Devil’s Rock (2★)
A Head Full of Ghosts (4★)

Robin Triggs
Night Shift (3★)




Tim Waggoner
The Mouth of the Dark (4★)

David Wellington
The Last Astronaut (4★)

Scott Westerfeld
Parasite Positive (#1 Peeps, 3★)

Nancy Widrew
Something Down There (2★)

David Wong
John Dies at the End (John Dies at the End, 5★)




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