About Me

Who, me?

Oh, I’m Cat. I’ve spent my entire thirty-one years of life living in a seaside town located in good ol’ Northern Ireland. I grew up obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Charmed.

One Christmas morning, I opened a present and it happened to be the first Darren Shan book. I remember getting excited at the big, cool spider on the front! Since then, I’ve loved reading and writing.

In 2011 I started reviewing on Goodreads, and it quickly became a favourite hobby. I like to really sit down and ponder over what I read; be critical about the characters, the plotlines, and how it all ties together. I’m not a quick reader, nor do I consume several books a week. I guess that’s something I’d change about myself – being able to read more.

Other things I love: wine, coffee, gaming, good food, animals and plants of all shapes and sizes. The band Ghost has a special place in my heart (#mypapa).

I have two companion birds (lovebird and conure), who mean the absolute world to me.

I also adore horror, obviously, the darker, the better.

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