2021 in Review

How was 2021 for me?

41 Books

8,368 pages

3.5 Average Rating

Bite-Sized Delights

Dark and Disturbing

Epic Adventures

Extra Fun (and a little gross)

Memorable Locales

Slow Burning

Something Different


(Not every book has been included in the above recommendations, I fit in what I could.)

Most Popular Reviews: Dead Inside by Chandler Morrison | Reception by Kenzie Jennings | Twisted Anatomy Anthology

Ending comment: 2021 had its challenges, but there was a lot of good too. I got engaged to my long-term partner, which was the obvious highlight in my personal life, and I put a bit more energy into my hobbies, both book and game related. For the first time I started writing game reviews for Leviathan Libraries (formerly Sci-Fi and Scary), and I admit that getting more into gaming helped my mood a great deal. As for the books, I failed at keeping up with reviews (I still have to catch up with the backlog), but there was much to love, and with each year I’m more blown away by the talent. I even decided to join up with Ladies of Horror Fiction to help them with the LOHF Awards, and haven’t looked back since. I’m hoping 2022 will be more of the same, where I’ll continue to do what I love.

If you’re reading this, well wishes to you! The blog is small sauce, and I really appreciate those who stop by for a peek.

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