2020 in Review

How was 2020 for me?

25 Books

7,567 pages

3.4 Average Rating

Dark and Disturbing

Epic Adventures

Extra Fun

Slow Burning

Something Different

Thrilling YA

(Not every book has been included in the above recommendations, I fit in what I could.)

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Personal Writing: The Rattle

Ending comment: Despite being chaotic, 2020 was the year I returned to the book world after a long hiatus, and honestly, it was like coming home. I’d previously distanced myself due to stress, so I attempted to adjust how I did things to minimize being overwhelmed, and it worked. I now enjoy it more than ever, and see myself going forward with another year of reviewing – I might even open requests again, however it would be in a limited capacity. If anything, I hope to delve further into what I enjoy, and perhaps take part in some outside projects.

As always, my thoughts go out to those affected by 2020.

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