5 Horror Book Heroines I Loved

There’s nothing like a character to root for, to hope that the last pages sees them survive whatever nightmare befalls them. Sometimes you just want to forget that happy endings can be rare, especially in the world of horror, and believe the best will happen. The final girl is classic, but it can go beyond that. Here’s five heroines I loved for their courage and spirit; I’d definitely want them on my team.

(I want to preface this by stating that my reading of the genre is by no means extensive, not by a long shot. I still have a lot to discover!)

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NOS4R2 by Joe Hill

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The journey of Victoria was a rollercoaster of tragedy, and at times I deeply felt for her. This isn’t to say I particularly liked her throughout the entire book, because there were moments she was depicted as a very selfish individual, but over time, I came to love and accept her. Read my review here.

The Rust Maidens by Gwendolyn Kiste

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Despite the protagonist, Phoebe, getting on my nerves at times, I was easily submerged into her state of mind. She, without a doubt, was the definition of a strong female character; she tried to follow both her head and heart, and often received condemnation for it. Read my review here.

26803158. sy475
Blood Moon (Highmoor #3) by Graeme Reynolds

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Marie and John were undoubtedly my favourites, as despite being apart for most of the book, they had time to shine in their own individual ways. Marie had to step-up, become what she never thought she’d become. Read my review here.

40881567. sy475
The Last Astronaut by David Wellington

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I’ll be honest in stating that I wasn’t initially fond of the main character, Sally Jansen. All Jansen seemed to do was reach the pinnacle of unprofessionalism, but the further I progressed, the more she grew on me with her stubbornness and determination. Let’s also not forget Parminder Rao, who proved to be quite the memorable heroine alongside Jansen. Read my review here.

45181921. sy475
Night Shoot by David Sodergren

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He’s not afraid to dip into the perverted and the disgusting while also building up a strong female figure that has a mind of her own, and whose relationship was a breath of fresh air. I really rooted for Elspeth throughout, and I wanted her to escape the nightmare with her body parts intact. Read my review here.

Can you remember your favourite horror book heroines?

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