10 Horror Books You May Not Know About

There’s a lot of books that go under the radar, especially self-published or small indie press, despite their standards, as well as their storytelling, being just as good as the more popular titles that line the shelves of stores. It’s a real shame, so I’d like to bring attention to works I enjoyed that don’t seem to have a lot of recognition and reviews in general.

(I want to preface this by stating that my reading of the genre is by no means extensive, not by a long shot. I still have a lot to discover!)

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Weeping Season by Seán O’Connor

Website | Goodreads | Amazon UK & US | Uafás Press

If there’s one thing I know O’Connor does well, it’s putting his protagonists in perilous situations and making them suffer. I can honestly say that even though I knew something strange was occurring, I didn’t expect that calibre of a conclusion – It was really nice to be surprised and have that “oh” moment, when everything came to light and the bizarre became the even more bizarre. Read my full review here.

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Call Drops by John F. Leonard

Website | Goodreads | Amazon UK & US

Whilst being short in length at less than a hundred pages, this well-crafted story constructed an air of intrigue that built up until its shocking conclusion – a grim story that wormed its way into my mind. There may have been a lack of blood and guts, but horror comes in all flavours, and I personally find these brooding and ominous stories a lot more thought provoking. Read my full review here.

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Breathe. Breathe. by Erin Sweet Al-Mehairi

Website | Goodreads | Amazon UK & US | Unnerving

Al-Mehairi didn’t attempt to hide behind convoluted words that require a dictionary, but she was very, sometimes painfully, clear on her context. A great deal of horror saturates this book, from authentic forms of abuse, to the teasing of paranormal elements. It can be easy to let a cover fool you, especially one as bright and deceptively cheerful as this one, but believe me when I say that it explores the grim and somber. Read my full review here.

26801331. sy475
Familiar Spirits by Various, Edited by Donald J. Bingle

Website | Goodreads | Amazon UK & US

The majority of stories packed some form of emotional punch, be it domestic abuse, the loss of children, or the consequences of past crimes. More than once I almost teared up, and that’s something I treasure in my reading experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the focal point on spirits affecting the lives of characters – there was a lot of emotion, proving that ghosts can indeed do more than move furniture. Read my full review here.

34326754. sy475
The Devoured by Curtis M. Lawson

Website | Goodreads | Amazon UK & US

The unnamed hero has been one of the coolest characters I’ve ever had the pleasure to read about. Whilst including both history and the supernatural, Lawson makes a short novel seem like an epic best-seller. I can’t say the Old Western theme has ever appealed to me, but I now feel inclined to seek out similar tales. Read my full review here.

40779924. sy475
Suspended in Dusk II by Various, Edited by Simon Dewar

Website | Goodreads | Amazon UK & US

There was a tremendous amount of variety in tone, atmosphere, and writing. I believe there’s something here for everyone to enjoy. Naturally, there were the weaker links, but it was a simple matter of them not being my sort of thing. Those stories that did appeal to me, really made it worth it. Read my full review here.

43464762. sy475
The Blood Lights by Elaine Pascale

Website | Goodreads | Amazon UK & US

I was so completely absorbed when it came to certain sections. I adore a tale that zones into one person’s experiences, gets up close and personal, and when they undergo a transformation so ghastly, it truly fascinates me. Read my full review here.

42733638. sy475
The Isle by John C. Foster

Website | Goodreads | Amazon UK & US | Grey Matter Press

I was thoroughly impressed upon beginning this one, because from early on the atmosphere – hopelessly miserable – truly appealed to me. Seriously, the level of detail was through the roof, and made me shiver as if I too was battling the horrendous weather. It’s a rarity that I feel so completely immersed, therefore I have to give credit where it’s due. Read my full review here.

35291235. sx318
Abode by Morgan Sylvia

Website | Goodreads | Amazon UK & US

It was extremely easy to get into initially – I lost myself in the ramblings of the unnamed narrator, and his recount of his childhood fascinated me to an extent. Sylvia entwined more than one supernatural element, and that mix really projected a sense of disquiet. Read my full review here.

35518711. sy475
Wrath of the Ancients by Catherine Cavendish

Website | Goodreads | Amazon UK & US

The supernatural aspect proved to be entertaining. The first part of the story revolved solely around Adeline, whereupon she temporarily relocated to Vienna for work. This is where I found myself impressed with the writing, and how quickly I was pulled into the mystery surrounding the Quintillus household. Read my full review here.

Do any of these spark your interest?

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