March in Review


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March was rather slow for me in terms of books and blogging. Despite being a long-ass month, I didn’t reach my five-a-month goal, and my posts on here were close to non-existent. It’s not because I was overly busy with real life or anything like that, I just didn’t feel it. Didn’t feel like reading a lot even though the books were decent, and didn’t feel like making content. I’m not sure how long this will last, but all I currently want to do is play games and keep to myself. It’d be easy to just halt all reviewing, blogging, Twittering, even reading itself, but I’m desperately trying not to. I’m hoping it’ll pass, that’s it’s just a rough patch.

Everyone goes through those off periods, right?

What else is new?

Well, today was my birthday. It wasn’t a big deal, just another year to go along with the rest. I might go on a book spree to make myself feel better about being even closer to the big three-oh.

Anyway, that’s all from me.



The Forgotten Island by David SodergrenThe description on the back cover aptly defines The Forgotten Island as outrageous, and it was, in every sense of the word. I may not be into the old Video Nasties, but I certainly believe this one to be more than a simple tale of violence (even though the violence itself was glorious). Recommended, and bravo on that incredible monster. Read my full review here.

Call Drops by John F LeonardCall Drops was a grim story that wormed its way into my mind. Despite Leonard’s writing style being not altogether my thing, I couldn’t help but become captivated by Vincent’s obsession with the unknown. I’m glad I decided to fit this one into my monthly schedule! Read my full review here.

The Isle by John C. FosterThe Isle hooked me from the beginning, but my attention waned the further I progressed. Whilst the gloomy atmosphere was top-notch, the story slowed to a crawl, to the point I just wanted it to be over. It’s a shame, because it started with the potential to be a favourite read. Read my full review here.

The Faithful by Matt Hayward – I had a lot of fun reading The Faithful, and being my very first experience with Hayward, I can’t wait for more. It had a touch of Lovecraft, as well as the lovable ol’ good versus evil trope that never gets old. My complaints were minimal; nothing was overly detrimental to my enjoyment. Read my full review here.


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2 Comments on “March in Review

  1. I’ve been through many a blog slump, and yes it goes away eventually! Maybe changing over to a new month will help. I always get energized at the beginning of the month when I plan my TBR😁

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