My Trip to Amsterdam

The last time I ventured outside the UK was way back before my teens, so as you can imagine, I can’t remember the experience all that much. I’m not a traveller – I prefer the solace of my comfort zone – so this trip was a big deal and hugely anticipated. For six days we explored what we could, dined at several restaurants, and attended a phenomenal concert. I feel like I’ve grown from seeing a little more of the world.

The change in culture hit us immediately – sex and drugs were a very prominent theme in the city. That openness was vastly different from what we’re used to here in Northern Ireland (I recall a sex shop opening in our town and protesters got it shut down). We, of course, had an open mind and respected their way of life; I feel like it’s needed in a city such as Amsterdam. I mean, there’s literally a district of prostitutes in windows, and shops all over selling cannabis and truffles.

The natives were kind, often quiet and mellow. The loudest, most obnoxious people were the tourists. There were less cars in the streets, and a large amount of bicycles. Seriously, if I lived there I’d get fit in no time. The land was also completely flat and void of hills. And there was a lot of water (the Netherlands should technically be underwater.)

Memories were made, fun was had. Hell, I want to go back, I loved it!

See below for pictures!

The City…


Ripley’s Believe It or Not…



Ghost at AFAS Live…






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