The Thing at 2:37 by Monolith Pictures (Short Film)

Runtime: 8 minutes
Year: 2018
Starring: Darryl Kinsella
Found: YouTubeAmazon
Director: Ray Sullivan
Production: Monolith Pictures
Synopsis: A man witnesses a strange creature walking on the road at exactly the same time each night.
Spoilers: Major


The Thing at 2:37 is a horror creation by Ray Sullivan, the writer and directer of several other short films, including Demon Within, Self-Assembly and Good Business, all of which can be viewed on his YouTube channel.

Darryl Kinsella in The Thing at 2:37 (2018)

It’s not often I come across horror works from Ireland, but it’s nice to be reminded that horror is indeed alive and well on this little island.

Straight off, I was greeted with the sense of helplessness in the scenes depicting the sole (human) character. With the eerie quiet, the abundance of alcohol, and the fact he seemed so utterly alone in his life, it really made an impression. However, that seriousness – that very real and identifiable pit of misery – suddenly seemed so absurd every time the mysterious entity came on screen.

Darryl Kinsella in The Thing at 2:37 (2018)It’s not that the CGI was bad, it’s just that walking skeletons are funny (come on, they’re funny!) and I couldn’t help but laugh at the heap of bones that morosely went on about his early morning dander. All the while I had trouble trying to discern if the intention was humour, or if it was actually supposed to be scary.

The concept is one that’s done often; a particular time of night or day when something not quite fitting in with reality makes an appearance. It can be anything from an echo, to a tear in the fabric of time, to having no meaning whatsoever. I believe the latter could aptly describe this piece, unless I glossed over some greater meaning other than a monster merely looking for victims to munch on.

The ending is where my decision to not take it seriously was firmly cemented in stone. The beating, the laughable attempt at screams of horror, it was entertainment to be sure. Suffice it to say, I didn’t outright dislike this one, and I’d recommend it for a few minutes of fun.

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6 Comments on “The Thing at 2:37 by Monolith Pictures (Short Film)

  1. You are right. There is something enjoyable about watching a skeleton have a walkabout. That has always been my favorite part of the old Sinbad movies.

    Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?

    He didn’t have the guts.


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