2018 in Review: 3-Stars ⁂

Contrary to popular belief, three-stars aren’t bad ratings, at least in regards to my own reviewing process. I state here:

The good and bad were balanced out to make it an average read. I didn’t dislike it, but I didn’t totally love it either.

It’s my opinion that three-star books still have their place in my collection; in them, I find strengths, be it memorable aspects, good writing or interesting plot elements. They still deserve recognition, and so I’ll be highlighting those I completed in 2018.

✪ – indicates a particular favourite.
Publisher – publisher of edition read.
Year – original publication year.

18 Books

➊ First 3-Star of 2018…


Title: Lockdown (Escape from Furnace #1) ✪
Author: Alexander Gordon Smith
Publisher: Square Fish
Year: 2009
Genre: YA, Horror

Alex Sawyer finds himself in Furnace Penitentiary; a pit in the ground, its sole purpose to cage away the youngest of offenders. The thing is, Alex may be a thief, and he may have broken the law, but he certainly doesn’t belong in Hell. Facing a lifetime underground, of never seeing the sun again, Alex is determined to escape. Good thing he’s made friends, for he’ll need all the help he can get.➛ Read my full review here.



36493719Title: Stephen
Author: Amy Cross
Publisher: Dark Season Books
Year: 2017
Genre: Horror

Forty years after her traumatic ordeal at Grangehurst, Beryl Seaton is finally ready to relive her past and recollect the events that have haunted her every day since. As a much younger woman, Beryl is accepted to be governess in the household of Doctor Elliot Brooks, her job to help his wife take care of their only son, Stephen. But there’s something terribly wrong with Stephen, and it becomes inevitable that things could only get worse.➛ Read my full review here.


29481890Title: The Devil’s Work
Author: Mark Edwards
Publisher: Thomas & Mercer
Year: 2016
Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Sophie Greenwood’s thrilled to have been accepted into Jackdaw Publishing – a job she’s dreamed of ever since childhood. Crushing down the dark memories of the past, she doesn’t hesitate to jump right in; the work itself showing off her exceptional skill and experience. Paradise doesn’t last long, however, as the mystery of her predecessor begins to chip away at her mind, whilst all things business and personal seem to be at risk.➛ Read my full review here.


25082869Title: Morium (Morium Trilogy #1)
Author: S.J. Hermann
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc
Year: 2014
Genre: YA, Fantasy

Whilst walking home one night, Alexandria and Nathan catch sight of something crashing to earth – some form of rock. Letting their curiosity get the better of them, they decide to seek out the object, but little do they know their lives will forever be changed. Gaining supernatural abilities, they find themselves having the power to rise up against the anguish that dominates their daily life.➛ Read my full review here.


20821363Title: Hidden (Alex Verus #5)
Author: Benedict Jacka
Publisher: Ace
Year: 2014
Genre: Fantasy

Whilst rumours of his master’s return circulates throughout the mage community, Alex Verus, Diviner and known “outsider”, chooses to ignore the gossip and focus on something else entirely, such as rebuilding damaged friendships. An interruption comes in the form of abduction when Anne, his once housemate and valued companion, disappears in her home. Taking it upon himself, Alex doesn’t hesitate to stage a rescue mission, which just so happens to lead to a shadow realm, belonging to the one and only Dark mage, Sagash.➛ Read my full review here.



Title: Darkest Hours
Author: Mike Thorn
Publisher: Unnerving
Year: 2017
Genre: Horror

With monsters that hunger for flesh, ghosts that lie in wait, and brutality at the hands of humanity – this collection certainly has it all. Delving into the satirical, chilling and downright disgusting, this is a must read for those that like a bit of horror in their lives.➛ Read my full review here.




37844714Title: The Tracker
Author: John Hunt
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Year: 2018
Genre: Horror

Taylor’s life is in ruins; his face publicly known for crimes so bloody and awful. He does the only thing that could possibly help him in the situation – he walks through the door of a police station and turns himself in. With no resistance and full compliance, Taylor recounts the most horrific time of his life, where a monster haunts his every step – a brutal game, where fear is in full effect.➛ Read my full review here.



34066494Title: Violet Eyes
Author: John Everson
Publisher: Dark Arts Books
Year: 2013
Genre: Horror

A fresh start was the plan, but for Rachel and her son, Eric, the quiet town near the Everglades proves to be anything but suitable. The news reports of an unknown breed of fly, migrating through the area, but when said species of fly begins to attack people in swarms, things only seem to get progressively worse from there. Black spiders with violet slashes across their backs, appear from seemingly nowhere, making their presence known as they start to take over.➛ Read my full review here.


38200785Title: The Nightmare Room (Messy Man #1)
Author: Chris Sorensen
Publisher: Harmful Monkey Press
Year: 2018
Genre: Horror

After a personal tragedy strikes Peter and Hannah Larson, they find themselves picking up their lives and moving house. Said house isn’t what it seems – something lurks within, seeming to originate from the dark and gloomy basement. As the presence continues to focus upon the two, its determination only grows, causing obvious and damaging rifts between husband and wife. It appears to already know Peter in some intimate way, and shocking, deeply hidden secrets soon come to light.➛ Read my full review here.



Title: Wrath of the Ancients (Nemesis of the Gods #1)
Author: Catherine Cavendish
Publisher: Lyrical Underground
Year: 2017
Genre: Horror

The year is 1913 and Adeline Ogilvy makes her way to Vienna, after accepting a career opportunity to transcribe the memoirs of the late Emeryk Quintillus. Rather than being able to settle down and do her work however, strange occurrences draw Adeline’s attention, and soon she finds herself caught in a wicked scheme that involves the wrath of a God.➛ Read my full review here.



9591447 (1)Title: Solitary (Escape from Furnace #2)
Author: Alexander Gordon Smith
Publisher: Square Fish
Year: 2009
Genre: YA, Horror

Delving further into the bowels of Furnace Penitentiary, Alex Sawyer desperately tries to hold onto his fleeting sanity. After a failed attempt to escape the underground horrors, being thrown into solitary confinement is a fate worse than death. A hole in the rocky earth becomes his coffin, yet it won’t save him from what roams the corridors, in search of warm flesh to eat.➛ Read my full review here.



39884856Title: The Shatter Point
Author: Jon O’Bergh
Publisher: Bookbaby
Year: 2018
Genre: Thriller

Asher wants nothing more than to impress his girlfriend, whilst she wants nothing more than to gain esteem through social media. Then there’s Donna and Phil, new to Acacia Lane and eager to embrace their love of Halloween and all it represents, much to their neighbour’s displeasure. Unknown to them all, something will inevitably bring them together, and possibly even bring chaos to their uneventful lives.➛ Read my full review here.


61Mt59BCO-L._SL500_Title: A Gathering of Crows (The Levi Stoltzfus Series #3)
Author: Brian Keene
Publisher: Crossroad Press
Year: 2010
Genre: Horror

The town of Brinkley Springs is about to become a hunting ground. Five otherworldly beasts descend upon the populace, their hunger for death and destruction insatiable. Levi Stoltzfus finds himself amongst those in danger, yet he proves anything but helpless. Along with some unexpected allies, magus Levi must discover the identity of the ravaging monsters, and figure out a way to stop them.➛ Read my full review here.


39674562Title: Thirteen Days by Sunset Beach
Author: Ramsey Campbell
Publisher: Flame Tree Press
Year: 2015
Genre: Horror

A family make their way to the newly developed island of Vasilema, their first ever vacation to Greece. Whilst the elders – Ray and Sandra – share a distressing secret, they attempt to make the most of their time, including getting familiar with the odd customs that dominate the island. If only the nearby nocturnal hotspot of Sunset Beach didn’t play on their minds, and odd and questionable happenings didn’t interrupt their relaxation.➛ Read my full review here.


39398289Title: The House by the Cemetery
Author: John Everson
Publisher: Flame Tree Press
Year: 2018
Genre: Horror

The house by the cemetery has always had a ghostly reputation, ever since something terrible took place on its grounds decades earlier. Embracing the rumours and the fascination that comes with it, a group of horror lovers take over and transform each and every room into a Halloween paradise. Mike Kostner finds himself neck-deep in the new and popular attraction, but whilst it may have started as just another job to pay the bills, it soon turns into a struggle of love and death.➛ Read my full review here.


39398291Title: Night Shift
Author: Robin Triggs
Publisher: Flame Tree Press
Year: 2018
Genre: Thriller

Anders Nordvelt arrives, newly promoted, at Australis, a mining base located in the desolate plains of Antarctica. As Chief of Security, it’s his responsibility to make daily life is as smooth as possible for the crew, however it’s soon apparent he’s not welcome. Complicated relationships and old resentment are just the beginning however, as when the night shift begins, so does the sabotage. The very future of humanity falls upon Anders, and he struggles to discover the traitor of the project.➛ Read my full review here.


39398294Title: The Sorrows (The Sorrows #1) ✪
Author: Jonathan Janz
Publisher: Flame Tree Press
Year: 2012
Genre: Horror

Ben Shadeland and Eddie Blaze are running out of time to produce a score for an upcoming, big-budget horror flick. Feeling the pressure, yet having creative difficulty, they travel to the Sorrows, an island with a gruesome history. Their intention is simple – to soak up the atmosphere and gain inspiration so that they can finally present a suitable piece of music. The consequences of past events resurface however, and quickly extinguish any chance of success.➛ Read my full review here.


39862627Title: Abyss
Author: Darren Gallagher
Publisher: (Independent)
Year: 2018
Genre: Horror

Thirteen tales, ranging from horrific creatures emerging from another realm, to the hellish secrets of a dingy bar. Monsters of all shapes and sizes take the spotlight, some deadlier than others.➛ Read my full review here.





39963556 Title: Lizzie Borden, Zombie Hunter
Author: C.A. Verstraete
Publisher: (Independent)
Year: 2018
Genre: Horror

Lizzie Borden is in trouble – after killing her father and stepmother, she faces the scrutiny of officials, but what the law and the masses hurling insults outside her home don’t know, is that she had to defend herself from them. They were no longer living flesh, but were mindless and intent on causing harm. Determined to protect her sister and help with the threat to society, Lizzie accepts the consequences of her actions. She just hopes the noose doesn’t get to her first, before she can solve the mystery surrounding her family.Read my full review here.


35291235 Title: Abode
Author: Morgan Sylvia
Publisher: Bloodshot Books
Year: 2017
Genre: Horror

Reaching out to a stranger he believes is the reincarnation of his sister, a man retells the story of his childhood, and the unsettling events after moving to the Kent house in Maine. It was subtle at first – the creaking, the feeling of being watched – but as winter vast approached, the power of the land awoke from its slumber, and it was hungry.Read my full review here.




Additional books will be added if necessary, up until the 31st.

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