Creepypasta Time: Halloween

It’s October, and the spookiest day of the year is fast approaching. It’s the perfect time to get into some Halloween-themed creepypasta, wouldn’t you say? Here’s a few that I personally enjoyed reading!


Out in the Woods (Read it here.)

The bird song was much softer and more cautious this time, and when I listened closely, I swear I could hear the faintest echo of human breathing.

Whilst not taking place on Halloween, it’s the spirit of the holiday that got an anonymous user on 4chan’s paranormal /x/ board to post some tales from her youth. Taking place in the woods surrounding her childhood home, she describes some encounters with an unknown entity that ultimately forced her family to move away.


The Halloween Mask (Read it here.)

It was a pumpkin. A white pumpkin. I’d never actually seen them in any color other than orange before that moment, and something about the pallid, drooping latex made it seem cold and bloodless.

Taking place on a Halloween night rife with trick or treating, the story depicts the strange occurrences afflicting a particular household. What soon turns from loud pounding on the front door, turns into all-out creepiness surrounding a strange mask that was left by the front door. Created by Christopher Howard Wolf, of whom is an independent game developer and writer, otherwise known as “Slimebeast” on the forum of the same name.



The Masked Man (Read it here.)

The fellow’s garage door sat below a strand of kite string on which hung dozens of expensive-looking bones and skulls. He also placed several other bones sticking straight up out of his lawn. There was no color or detail, just random bones placed here and there; strewn about his unkempt lawn.
Related image

A divorced father spends Halloween with his son – buying him a costume, as well as decorations in attempt to win the yearly contest. His neighbour, however, seems to be also making an effort, with gruesome skulls, bones and guts that seem just a little too real. Created by MrCreepyPasta, a popular YouTuber that primarily focuses on narrating creepypastas.



Know of any others that you liked? Please share!

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