Being a Book Blogger – The Truth

Well, my truth, anyway.

Being an active book blogger and reviewer is a lot of things, most notably exciting, as well as a little (or a lot) scary. It’s a hobby that requires time and effort, and can, at times, become overwhelming. It’s true that it can feel like a demanding job, or a rewarding and gratifying pastime.


As someone who lives intimately with anxiety and monumental bouts of stress, blogging does feel like a back-breaking weight a lot of the time. More often than not, the many commitments I make are an ever-present shadow looming over my days, cackling persistently when the pressure threatens to turn my determination to dust.

I may be over-dramatic in my confession, but what I’m expressing is nothing but the truth. For me, personally, reviewing and blogging is a sizeable challenge. But it’s a challenge I need.

I haven’t accomplished much of anything in my twenty-eight years of life. Most of it has been a dark hole of unwanted and troubling thoughts, but there’s been a source of light; something that I kept returning to over the years. It brought with it highs as well as lows, but when I fully applied myself, I finally felt that I was doing something worthwhile.

It’s hard; hard to get out regular posts, to write several reviews a month, and to be truthful about opinions that may not suit others. When I put it in perspective, I wholly respect every single other reviewer out there, because it’s not an easy feat. Balancing time, putting ourselves out there, it requires a special sort of confidence.

I don’t regret diving head-first into managing a blog, and accepting works for review. It grounds me, keeps me busy and my mind occupied. At the end of the day, I’m proud of myself for standing up to the challenge, to that shadow, and ultimately defeating those detrimental emotions that have been present most of my life.

Even when that light dims on occasion, I’ll continue on, and of course, the community itself is a foundation – the people I know inspire me, and their support is like a warm blanket on a stormy night.

So, yes, it’s hard work, but work I feel better for doing.

That’s my truth. Thanks for reading.

2 Comments on “Being a Book Blogger – The Truth

  1. Well said! I think most bloggers feel overwhelmed some of the time, I know I do. And when you add anxiety on top of all the work and commitments, I can see how stressful it could be. It’s hard to balance everything, but I agree with you, it’s worth it:-)

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    • Definitely worth it! We’re doing what we love, after all. I’m glad I’ve learned from certain mistakes, though. Have you ever made too many commitments at once because it was just so hard to say no? I think many bloggers take on too much, especially at the beginning. I’ve learned to prioritise, thank goodness!


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