Crypt TV: Why You Should Be Watching

Never heard of Crypt TV? Then you’re in for a treat.

We love scary stories, we believe scary stories unite us and the best ones make us a little more connected to each other. Crypt TV collaborates with storytellers around the world to bring the next generation of monsters stories to life — for you, for free, everyday. Follow us @CryptTV everywhere and find your #MonsterWithin

Crypt TV is an entertainment company that focuses on creating short horror films, its rather notable presence primarily residing on YouTube, and of course, its website. With a current subscription count of over a million, it has accumulated an enormous amount of views. No wonder – its content is first-rate, and I naturally found myself getting lost in their numerous features, some of which run as seasons with several episodes.

What’s interesting to me is that it’s confirmed that a number of the shorts are set in a shared universe. The connections come in the form of various Easter eggs, and I personally love this particular direction, as it ultimately tells of a much larger, and sinister, story.

Now, let’s get into some of my personal favourites.


Produced in 2016, The Birch won a Webby award after going viral. It currently has over twelve million views, and will soon become a fully-fledged Crypt universe character. The creature design on this is off the charts, how could you not appreciate it?

LOOK-SEE – “The Wedding Hand”

The Look-See is probably the most popular monster in the Crypt universe. With two seasons and nine episodes, it tells of a complex and dark tale that left me wild with speculation. Again, the creature design is seriously impressive.

SUNNY FAMILY CULT – “Initiation”

The Sunny Family Cult involves a different sort of monster – people. With a current three seasons, it adds emotional depth in the sense of self-discovery and family turmoil.


I just had to include this glorious one-shot.



Perfect for Halloween, I know I’ll be consuming more of Crypt TV, and YOU should consider doing so as well. With regular videos being posted every week, there’s certainly no shortage of content.

Sate that darkness inside you, you know you want to.

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