June 9th – Creativity and Mental Health

Today I found myself doing something different than the usual household chores – I went and pulled out a particular box that was shoved away inside a closet. This box is special, in its own way, and it was a welcome sight.


I haven’t peered inside this box since I packed it up to move house, which happened earlier this year. As you can see, it contains art supplies; sketching and painting tools, as well as multiple types of paper and pens.

I should be clear; I’m not skilled when it comes to visual art. I can’t draw anything from my mind that would attract the eye, but this hobby serves an important purpose regardless.

Now, let’s get into the topic that weighed heavily upon my mind today.

Life can be tough. Yes, for a plethora of reasons, and a lot of these difficulties can be out of our direct control and affect our well-being, which is why mental health is such an important matter.

We all deal in our own individual ways, however the less destructive the better. This is why I’m an advocate for creativity and how it can greatly help the mind. Even if you consider yourself not “talented” in a certain subject, applying yourself can have serious benefits.

It’s why I have this box. To create is therapy in and of itself. For one, it keeps my mind quiet and at ease, and for another, it makes me feel like I’ve succeeded in something productive. Reviewing books also has this effect, although at times it can feel a bit exhausting.

Tucked away I re-discovered a book that once again took me by surprise.


It’s an an adult colouring book, and it’s extremely nice to look at.


Inside is filled with creatures from myth and legend, allowing you the freedom to bring them to life, however you see fit. Included are short paragraphs relating to each beast; giving information that further calls to the monster lover in me.


Usually I wouldn’t be a big fan of colouring books, but today was a day that called for it. I selected one particular little guy, and spent far too long on him.

34860298_1879814292081075_7758521445679890432_n                   34588814_1879814212081083_6840786320067919872_n

Along with that, I actually took a paintbrush and put it to paper. The end result? Well, I believe it to be expressive.


Sitting here, now, I feel better for having dragged out that box. I also took some time to sit outside, breathe in the fresh air and watch over the few young plants I purchased over the last week. It’s the little things, the little joys, that make it better.


I was also accompanied by a very handsome gentleman.


If you take anything away from this post, then please be it this:

Try new things, be creative, and don’t limit yourself.

And maybe get your own box.

Thanks for reading.

Red xx

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