Month: Feb 2018

February in Review

Was February a good month for me? Find out what I read and reviewed this past month!

The Fallen Kind Vol I: Ghosts Of Nunchi by M. Almelk

The planet has suffered since humanity arrived, and war has run rampant. After an event of near mass extinction, the survivors struggle to do their best in the grim conditions that have befallen them. It’s not over yet, however, as a certain individual plans for a world-wide cleansing. He’ll stop at nothing to protect the “Promised Land” from the conflict that so closely follows humankind. What he doesn’t foresee, are the actions of a select few, and how they threaten everything he’s working toward.

Booklikes Follow Friday with Book Bloggers!

This past week I was contacted by the lovely Kate of Booklikes, asking if I’d like to partake in Follow Friday with book bloggers! To say I was surprised is an understatement.